“This is MY LIFE”  Video – A-Team USA


Working together with other disability advocacy groups, A-Team Minnesota  has created a Myths & Facts About Supported Employment for People with I/DD Handout. This is a valuable resource for advocacy!

Facts & Myths About Supported Employment for People with I/DD Handout


Hubbard County DAC News Feature!

This news clip from Lakeland Public TV in rural, northern Minnesota featured the Hubbard County DAC and was shared widely during National Week for Choice!  HCDAC offers a full array of choices.


A-Team Minnesota advocates proudly wear their T-Shirts to show solidarity in support of a full array of vocational, residential, and social life choices for people with disabilities! One size does not fit all!

A-Team USA kicked off their annual “National Day for Choice” Event this year with a full week of activities to encourage increased Awareness, Advocacy, and Advisement for people with disabilities. Communities and advocates across the United States, including Minnesota, participated in a media storm of posts and information to the public and to lawmakers. Some states organized rallies and meetings at their state capitals. A-Team USA premiered a new video, featuring people from all over the country!  Each day of the week featured a different theme:

  •  Mission Monday – The A-Team Mission is to Advocate, create Awareness, and provide Advisement! 
  •  There’s No Place Like Home Tuesday –  The type of home that is best for you should be a personal choice!    
  •  Workplace Wednesday –  A good-fit job at your own ability can bring dignity, purpose, relationships, and independence.  
  •  This is MY LIFE Thursday – It is your Civil Right as an American to choose your own friends, coworkers, and lifestyle!  
  •  Fun for All Friday –  On this day, people celebrated together and had some fun!